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Boilers are utilities which supply hot water to your prison. Simply put, boilers are major contributors to satisfying the warmth needs of your prisoners & staff members (if staff needs are enabled).

Please note that if Weather & Temperature is not enabled from the start menu/map settings, water boilers will not appear in your utilities tab.

Operation & Use[]

Pipe Large.png

Water boilers must be connected to a cold water pipe and have a direct electrical connection in order for it to function. When connected, it will begin to generate hot water which is only transferable through hot water pipes.

You may find that hot water can only travel so far. The distance it can travel is affected by the type of water pipe it's attached to. Large water pipes will stabilise the distance hot water can travel. Furthermore, those large pipes should have high pressured water traveling through them. You can determine the pressure of a large water pipe by how bright the blue color of the water is. If it is faint, then there is not much water pressure. This could be because the main water supply is supplying a lot of water-dependent objects (toilets, sinks, shower heads) or/and is stretched over a long distance.

In summary:

  • Large Water Pipes (with good pressure) allows the boiler to pump water 59 blocks away.
  • Small Water Pipes will affect the travel by -1 for each piece of small pipe between the boiler and the nearest large pipe.
  • Boilers emit heat like a radiator, so you don't need to have a radiator too close to a boiler.
Pipe Small.png

If there is only one piece of small pipe between the boiler and a large pipe, the maximum distance the hot water will travel is 46 blocks. This number is not affected by attached appliances, such as radiators or shower heads.

Boilers and Hot Water Pipes are not included on console.