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Water Pump Station is a source of water. In order to work, it requires a direct power connection. Large pipe and small pipe are used to convey water from Water Pump Station to objects.

If large pipes are used, a second pump station will probably never be necessary. Large pipes can move water up to 764 blocks, making it nearly impossible to "run out" of water . However, in the event you should need water for more than 764 blocks, you may construct additional Water Pump Stations, which unlike Power Stations can intersect with others. When starting a new prison one Water Pumping Station will be provided for free.

If a Water Pumping Station loses power, it will continue to pump water for 2 in-game hours before shutting off.

Objects that require water[]



  • In the event of a water/electricity fire ignition Pipe Valves and Power Switches can be used to make the area safe for Firemen and Workmen.
  • Attached sinks and toilets have no effect on the maximum range of pipes.
  • Large pipes are usually used to move water over long distances followed by small pipes running the water into buildings branching off the large pipes.
  • Water Pump Stations will now generate heat as of Update 4.
  • Prisoners dig faster when pipes are present, small pipes give a small speed boost where large pipes give a large speed boost to the dig. For this reason, it's safest to connect small pipes inside buildings branching off the large pipes on the outside.
  • Pipes cannot extend under Perimeter walls.
  • Pipe formations that lead in circles may cause intermittent water flow. So while it will not shut down the system, it's still best practice to keep water flowing in only one direction and not cross pipes back over existing branches and don't form circles. If you see objects that use water sporadically flashing the need water symbol, check that your flow is all going one way without crossing back over itself.