Prison Architect Wiki

Workmen are essential staff members responsible for, but not limited to, construction and reconstruction of your prison and all objects within. You are automatically provided with eight workmen which arrive on a supply truck when creating a new prison. Workmen will idle in storage rooms, delivery and garbage areas

Workmen will create buildings by first placing brick or concrete foundations and can fill said buildings with objects at the discretion of the player. If trees are in the way of any building zones, Workmen will first cut them down before continuing to build.

Workmen can be dispatched to repair Objects that are damaged from the object's context menu. They will also be automatically dispatched to repair all damaged objects only if you have enough funds to repair them.

NOTE: Outdoor areas such as yards do not require foundation.

Duties & Operation[]

Workmen will carry out various other duties which include but are not limited to:

  • General repairs of damaged objects.
  • Disposing of rubble and other waste materials.
  • Loading and unloading imported/exported resources.
  • Storing crated objects in storage areas.
  • Construction & deconstruction of objects/buildings.
  • Serve the prepared food for the inmates in the canteen. If all Cooks are fired.

Task Completion and Functioning[]

Workmen cannot carry out tasks if they are trapped or stuck in any way. Likewise, workmen will not carry out tasks in an area where danger is present. Such as areas where prisoners are fighting or fires. If a workman for either of the two aforementioned reasons does not/cannot conduct a task, a red X will appear on the target build. Hovering your mouse over the red X will show a small display detailing:

  • a brief reason why the task cannot be completed, e.g. no route.
  • how many attempts have been made to complete the task.

Certain jobs can be prioritized over other jobs by hovering the player's mouse over the task and pressing CTRL + Left Click. This will usually cause a nearby workman to immediately drop what they are doing, and complete the prioritized task.

Workmen do not carry jail keys and as such, guards are needed to open the routes towards Jail Door protected areas. Door Servos can prove to be helpful in allowing workmen to quickly access areas protected with these door types. You can enable "Allow staff keys" in policy.

NOTE: Enabling "Allow staff keys" increaces the amount of keys dropped by staff.

Tips & Tricks   []

  • The more workmen you hire, the faster your construction queue gets completed. However, don't hire too many workmen! If you have a stable prison, It is nonsensical to have lots of workmen hanging around doing nothing. It is useful to hire more workmen as needed for example for building new foundations, and sack them afterwards.
  • If at least one workman gets trapped inside an area from which it can't find a route (e.g. building without doors), parts of the construction and repair will fail randomly. For this reason it is important that no workman are stuck anywhere.
  • If a scanner machine is placed within a delivery or storage room, workmen will load inbound crates to be scanned for contraband.