Prison Architect Wiki

The Workshop is a room where Prison Labor is used to make License Plates or carpentry items which can be sold for profit in the exports zone.

Prisoners will need to be trained by a foreman in order to work in the Workshop. First the Workshop Safety Induction Program must be completed before they are allowed to work in the workshop.

Completed license plates will be placed on the floor unless a table is present in the workshop. If there is no room on the floor or on a table, prisoners will place the license plates in a storage room (if it is not a 'staff only' area). Stacks of finished license plates are taken to exports by prisoners or workmen. From there, they will be loaded into trucks from an export area and you will receive $17 per plate as soon as the trucks reach the border.

Wood can be sawn in the workshop to make planks; these can either be placed on a Carpenter's Table or moved to Exports and sold. Prisoners must complete the Carpentry Apprenticeship Program in order to craft the wood into Superior Beds, which are sold for $680 each.

Workshops and storage overflowing with Boards and Logs will cause the prisoners to mope about doing nothing. Sell excess Boards manually using the sell object tool to create demand and your prisoners will start sawing logs again.


Prisoners are able to find many dangerous contrabands in the workshop, that can be used as weapons. Adding Metal detectors will help prevent contraband from entering other parts of your prison. Wooden pickaxes which can be used to dig tunnels, can't be detected by metal detectors.

You may also want to restrict which prisoners are allowed to work in the workshop.


If events are turned on in the options, Workshop accident can happen. See main article on events for more information.



  • 1 tree (-$100) = 3 logs ($85 each). Profit $155 for tree.
  • Workshop Saw: 1 log = 4 woods ($85 each), 15 min. Profit $920 for tree (+ $765 than selling logs).
  • Carpenter Table: 6 woods = 1 bed ($680 each), 30 min. Profit $1260 for tree (+$340 than selling woods).
  • Proportion: 3 workshop saw : 4 carpenter table


  • Workshop Saw: 1 Sheet Metal (-$10) = 2 Blank, 6 min
  • Workshop Press: 1 Blank = 1 Plate ($17 each). Profit $24 for Sheet Metal. 3 min
  • Proportion 1 workshop saw : 1 workshop press


  • You shouldn't have armed guards in the workshop, especially during reform programs. Prisoners which are suppressed will mostly fail, so almost nobody will work in your workshop then.
  • Create a forestry for wood. Prisoners can cut logs into planks for extra money. Prisoners will, however, automatically get wood from the forestry, and also acquire contraband (i.e. axe) on the way. Make all forestry rooms staff-only (in logistics), as it stops the intake of contraband, and also maximizes prisoner labor/work time


Before Alpha 18, prisoners did not need training by a foreman in order to work in the Workshop.