Prison Architect Wiki

Workshop Saws are powered objects used to mechanically resources which are either sourced on-site or imported into your facility. They are pieces of hardware vital for workshop prison labour.

The two types of resource that can be cut are:

  • Logs (Wood)
  • Sheet Metal


Wood, or in its primitive form, logs can be sourced from a dismantled tree. 'Generate Forests' is a map setting that will guarantee the presence of trees in the outdoor areas of your facility.

Once a tree is dismantled, a workman will store the logs in your workshop. Logs, when sawed, will be turned into wooden planks which can be sold, or used further to make Superior Beds.

NOTE: You will need a prisoner qualified in carpentry as well as a carpenter's table in order to create superior beds in your workshop.

Sheet Metal[]

Sheet Metal is a resource that is imported into your prison facility. When cut by the workshop saw, 'blank metal plates' or license plates are made.

A workshop saw can turn 1 sheet of metal into 2 blank license plates. These can later be imprinted on by a workshop press to create license plates.


A workshop saw requires a direct electrical connection and will draw 20% of power from your power station or from one capacitor. Furthermore, a prisoner must be able to operate the workshop in decent space. This means that there must be one clear square metre of space in front and behind of the workshop saw so that it can be used properly. If this is not achieved, the workshop saw will not be operated by a prisoner.

It takes a prisoner operating a saw, forty-five seconds to turn a stack of ten sheets of metal into thirty blank license plates.